Red Ribbon Week

As you probably know a lot of people in the world are addicted to drugs and also have friends and family that are affected by them doing drugs. The effects that drugs can have on people’s lives are very bad and in the person using the drugs at the time they think that life is very good.

I am going to be sharing my story about the time I knew  friend needed help. When I was 12 my friend needed help he was living in a house that was not very well established. He grew up with plenty of family that used drugs and he was about to start going down the same road.

My friend’s mom didn’t care what he did so he was always in trouble with the law. I remember one day we were eating lunch and he said my mom is always high and I didn’t get my homework done my grades are about to go down really fast. I said ok let me see if you can come over tonight and he came to my house and me and my mom helped him with his homework and fed him dinner. This became a regular thing to do every night because he never wanted to go home.

As we helped him the things that he was doing and saying made it very hard for him to live with us. He was not being very nice and appreciating the things we were doing for him so we kicked him out.

To this day he is doing fine he moved back in with his mom and dad and doesn’t get into as much trouble now as he used to. My friends story also has something to do with my story. I stayed friends with him and together we did not always make the best decisions and I got in a lot of trouble for the things we did and that really hurt the relationship with me and my mom and dad that plays a big part in what is happening now.

The message that I am trying to put out to all of the people reading this is drugs can ruin your life and if you see a family member try as hard as you can to help them and if they turn on you like they did in my life just keep on hoping and helping and things will get better.

Christmas History

Have you ever wodered what the history is behind christmas? If so, then you have come to the right blog post. I am writing about the history of Christmas. The religion behind christmas is lead by the beliefs of christians. The people that have the Christian religion believe that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. People believe this to be true because there is an even number of years between when the earth was created and when Jesus was born. Another thing that jas to do with the history of Christmas is decortions. People use many things to decorate for Christmas such as lihts, ornaments, and trees. People have used a certain tree to celebrate Christmas called the Evergreen Fir. Itis believed in the religion that the Evergreen Fir tree has been used around Christmas for thousands of years because Pagan’s used the branches of the trees to decorate with in there houses. The last thing that has to do with the history of Christmas is the story behind it. The story behind Christmas is that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. People have been lead to believe this to be true because there is scripts found that date back to the 25th saying that it was the day Jesus was born. Anther way that this has been proven is because people tried to prove that he was born on the 18th of November witch was later proven to be false because of scientific discovery’s. The facts I hae shared with you today show the history of Christmas. All f the things I have provided are proven by Science, and beliefs. I hope that the information I have provided about the history of Christmas is very helpful to you.

My character is Owen and he is from the story thieves book and he is very hard working at a lot of things that he does. I think what makes him so hard working is he always wants to be seen as a respectful young man so he tries very hard to make people see that in him. In the story there is a girl that goes to her school and Owen has noticed that she has been acting very strange but doesn’t seem to pay much attention to it at first.

In the beginning of the book Owen is in his math class in the morning before lunch and they are learning about fractions and he is trying to et the class over with because he doesn’t like fractions and continues to list all of the things that could be more boring than fractions but in the end fractions are still the most boring. This shows me as a reader that out of everything that Owen tries hard at frections is one of the things that he would just rather forget about. I think that an event that changed Owen is when his friend came out of a book that he was putting back on the shelf at the library and pulled him in and he was in a book called War Of The Worlds.

I think that when he was pulled through a normal book it changed him because that was something that he was not expecting at all. I know that if I was pulled into a book I would think that I was dreaming because it has not been proven by scientists that it is possible to go through a book like that. I think that the character has changed throughout the story so far because he is starting to except that it is possible to go through books into their stories.

I think that Owen is just very confused in the beginning of the book. I think he is confused because he just randomly gets pulled through the pages of an ordinary book by his friend. Throughout the book Owen is starting to except that it is possible for the things happening to happen. I also think that he is starting to enjoy going through and seeing all of the things that happen in fiction stories and even non fiction stories. I know that if I could do that I would be fascinated.

In he story thieves book Owen seems to want to learn a lot about what is happening and what is going to happen in all of the different stories they have gone through and are about to go through. Even though Owen still has to go to school and learn he seems like the only thing that he wants to do is go in and out of stories. I think that the reason he wants to stay in all of the stories is because everything is interesting and also nobody has told him to leave yet.

Childhood stories

Have you ever remembered when your parent might have read you a fairytale or some story like Cat In The Hat, Little Red Riding Hood, or The Three Little Pigs. if so then I want to share some of the stories and memories that I have of my mom read to me as a little kid. One of the stories that I remember her reading me as a little kid is James and the Giant peach and every day we used to sit down and read a few pages. I also remember that after reading that story I was able to read and write more easily because she helped me understand all of the words that were hard and soon I was able to read books on my own. Another book she read me was the polar express and we would only read that around christmas and I remember that I had almost all of the words memorized to the book because I heard it so many times and I loved the book. reading books as a reader has started to get more fun as the years go on because there is so much interesting things that can happen in a story and I think it also helps me learn how to out words that are hard into sentences and help me learn their meanings. As a writer it is also fun to create stories because you get to possibly put someone in a good mood from reading a good story.👍🔠

My life goals

My first goal is to go to college and get the highest degree I can get. I want to go to college to go into phones and mechanics so that i am able to get multiple different kinds of jobs. I also want to be able to go into science because i want to know more about nasa. Some short term goals that I want to be able to accomplish is getting on the honor roll for getting good grades so I have better chances of getting into a good college. I think that it is important to have these kinds of goals because if you have goals for things you are more likely to succeed n your dreams. Another long term goal I have is I want to work for nasa and learn more about space because i believe that one day the earth will become to hard to live on so I would want to live in space. I think it is also good to know about space because some pretty interesting information exists in the world of space “literally” I think the world should know more about space because the information might become useful in the future. The last long term goal that I want to complete is to work for apple as a phone designer and be able to create a phone that can help people more than regular phones do today. I also want to work for apple because one day I want to make my own phone company and help the world.


The trees, which stretched up far from the sandy shoreline, covered almost all of the small island. We sat there quietly, taking in the natural beauty that surrounded us. Finally, we had made it to paradise, our home for the next two months. At that moment, as a faint rainbow painted the sky with color, i felt a sense of anticipation about our time on the island. ‘How will you cope without your phone?’, ‘What will you do for food?’, ‘Won’t you be scared?’ My family had asked. I didn’t have the answers to there questions but as the sun  began to break through the clouds, I knew that the months ahead would be full of challenges and excitement I would fish and hunt and not be bored. I will hunt to get my food and I wouldn’t be scared because I am confident. I would not be bored because I would have to hunt and fish to get my food i would also have to build and maintain my shelter and I would also have to cook the food and get wood for the fire. I would always have food because I would be hunting and over time my skills would get better and I could figure out how to build traps. I wouldn’t be scared because i would always be finding new things to keep myself occupied like hunting and making my shelter more improved. I think i would do fine being stranded on an island for two months because of all of the things that i could do.

What can help you with being organized in 8th grade.


It is important to stay organized to stay successful in your 8th grade year.

  1.  One thing you should do to stay organized is you should have a different folder for every class. Having a folder for every class makes it easy to not lose your papers and get good grades.

2.  Another thing you should do to stay organized is keeping your locker organized because if your locker is organized it makes it easier to put stuff in and take stuff out so remembering will be easy to do.

It is very important to stay organized because it can help you get good grades and stay on task in school it will also help you build skills for being an adult when you go to highschool, go to college, and eventually get a job.

Staying organized in 8th grade is also important to stay organized because it will teach you responsibility and help you in the future for things that you would need responsibility skills for.

Staying organized will also help you feel like you accomplished something and it will help about after a month of staying organized you will get into the habit of doing things and it wont be hard to remember things and you also are not spending as uch time cleaning up your stuff from not being organized and more time to do the things that are important in life.

don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you thought about this information and if it helped you or not.

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